Meet the Team 


Debbie The leader

The founder of Keswick Tri Club and head honcho. What ever Debbie says goes we all take orders from Debbie. Joking aside if it wasn't for Debbie the club will still be an idea in peoples heads. Thanks to her we have ran 4 successful events in 2015 and many more to come. 


Event Load Speaker

Emily is the Voice of Keswick Tri Club when you need a loud speaker Emily is the one for the job. General fitness freak and mother or 1 and a bump. When the events are running Emily keeps us all in check. 


Slick Vic

Victoria is on the other side of the Keswick Tri Club emails. She organises all to do with Memberships within the club. When taking to Vic about sports she finds it had not to mention she has completed the Fred Witton and other various hardcore events. 

Jill and Stuart

The Club Couple

Its hard not to mention Jill without Stuart and vice verse so I have put these two together. If they are not Moving house of battling off some exotic illness. These two organise what we spend the club money on. Jill is responsible for spending the money on club kit while Stuart keeps an eye on the accounts making sure she doesn’t order club kit from Harvey Nichols.


Well this is me I design the site and gernerally like to keep fit. What more can I say about myself other than I love my tech and if its crossed with fitness I am in my element. I also help orgenise the events and currently in training for the Lakesman 2016 (Bike and Run bit Jill is doing the swim) 

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